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Nice GirlSeriously! Even when (initially) Kazuha was somewhat snippy towards her because of a rather childish reason (Ran wore the same type of shirt like Heiji twice), all Ran did was switch shirts. No sarcasm or chewing out.

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Embarrassing High School Stories: The Story of Jonathong Groff

It was the 9th grade formal, and I had asked my friend Emily Fritz who was my best friend in high school, to come with me to the dance. Swing dancing was very popular, because Jump Jive An’ Whail had just come out. So we practiced before the dance to, you know, hopefully win or place in the competition.

At the dance, everyone gets up in the center of the floor, everybody like dances, it’s kinda like Grease, and then they like, eliminate people that should go along. And at the end, it was me and Emily, we were the only couple that was left, and we had won. And so then after that happened, everybody stands in a big circle and watches as you guys do a big dirty swing dance.

I was getting ambitious ‘cause I was excited ‘cause we had just won and I was a little overexcited. And I was doing that thing were you go, you lift her up, and I go like this, and I go like this - which we’d done before - and then put her back down…


"Looking" Star Jonathan Groff Spices Things Up at POPera!
The San Francisco Opera Guild celebrated their 75th anniversary Thursday, April 10, with POPera! Departing from the opera’s traditional association with foreign languages and a massive stage, POPera! took the form of a chic soiree and a lively cabaret, complete with an appearance by San Francisco golden boy, Jonathan Groff (of HBO’s Looking fame).

Benefactors and performers alike kick-started the evening with cocktails and a festive buffet in the historic Gold Room at the Fairmont Hotel. Throughout the evening, guests bid on fabulous auction packages with proceeds supporting the San Francisco Opera Guild’s award-winning music education programs. 

Following dinner, guests were treated to an evening of caberet, hosted by  the talented Grammy Award-Winning Soprano Deborah Voigt. The cabaret show included spirited performances by iconic stars such as Laura Benanti, Romanza, and Groff for the perfect combination of contemporary performance with a nod to opera’s history. (x)

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                       if you don't slow down...
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