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i am a young mother. we are a special breed.

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get to know me meme: two theatre shows ♦ once
↳ “Because to live, you have to love.” 

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theatre challenge: [5/10] performers

jonathan groff

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TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 1979, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice are the princes of Broadway as their new musical, Evita, opens at the Broadway Theatre. This very successful production will continue to run for 1,567 performances. Patti LuPone stars as Eva Peron, with Mandy Patinkin as Che Guevara, the quasi-narrator of the musical. Clive Barnes of the New York Post reports that “Evita is a stunning, exhilarating theatrical experience, especially if you don’t think about it too much.”

For more on the original Broadway production of Evita, including a look inside a Playbill from the show, visit PlaybillVault.com.

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Once Music Video: When Your Mind’s Made Up
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you got into harvard? / what, like it’s hard?

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The first episode of friends aired 20 years ago today on September 22th, 1994

It’s like all of my life everybody has always told me “You’re a shoe! You’re a shoe, you’re a shoe, you’re a shoe!” And then today I just stopped and I said “What if I don’t wanna be a shoe? What if I wanna be a purse? You know? Or a hat?” 

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